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The satisfaction degree of a specific need or demand of its customers, taking into account the market's trends as well as the regulation and the decrees instituted by the Greek and the International Law and the social institutions represents for ALEXANDER the meaning of the word quality.

It is known that there is no possibility to take a good quality product, if there is no good quality raw material. Taking into consideration this fact, the company picks out fruits which are the raw material used, from strictly selected fruit producers' cooperatives which fulfill all the conditions of the Integrated Plant Production Management System.

Regarding food processing, there is a slim line between safe and nutritional product. A general rule is that as much more a product is stable, its nutritional value is poor. The quality of the ALEXANDER products proves that every rule has an exception, because the new production and processing technologies are considered by the management team as a very important issue. ALEXANDER invests in a modern equipment and in a continuous professional development of the personnel, in order to assure that its products arrive to the final consumer stable, as well as maintaining their nutritional value.

ALEXANDER's management, pointing up to a continuous improvement of the product quality and assuring the observance of safety and hygiene rules, has installed and applied a quality management system according the international standards. First of all the Company was awarded with the System Compliance and Quality Assurance Certificate, according to the ISO 9002:1994 model. Then ALEXANDER upgraded the System Compliance and Quality Assurance Certificate, according to the ELOT ลอ ISO 9001:2000 model. Following the international legislation directives regarding the production of safe and secure foods, the company developed and applied the HACCP system, as a possible risks regular analysis and assessment method during the productive process, visualizing preventive actions and avoidance risk.

During last years, ALEXANDER's productive procedure was also awarded with an IFS standard -Version 4, performing the highest level of compliance through the TUV North Cert inspection.

ALEXANDER's activities relate to quality which is synonymous with its trademark. The quality is consistent with Alexander.


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